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Digital and offset printing

Impresión digital y offset

Offset printing

Printing in Offset provides the highest printing quality and supports a wide range of measures and grades of paper. Sending the design to a paper requires a preparation process that goes from its shape into a photolyte in the first place and then into a plate that shall be placed into the printing machine. Every full colour design will need a photolyte and a plate for each basic CMYK colour.


Impresión digital y offset

Digital printing

Digital Printing is a fast way of printing, ideal for short print runs. The design goes directly from the computer to the printer. The maximum size of paper accepted is of 320 mm times 480 mm, approx. 12,6 in x 18,9 in, and the maximum grammage is of 300 grms, approx. 0,66 lb.

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